From Punch and Judy to Haute Cuisine by Michael Flagg
List of Contents

Chapter(1)  The Ice Cream that Changed My Life!

 Arthur’s early years when he assisted his father who was known as “Quisto”, with Punch and Judy shows at Buckingham Palace and at Sandringham. Geoff Felix a ventriloquial figure maker had previously undertaken research which has contributed to the major part of this chapter, as outlined in the chapter notes. He is the author of two books on Punch and Judy: ‘My life with Punch’ by Joe Beeby 1993 ISBN 0952137100 and ‘Conversations with Punch’ edited by G. Felix 1994 ISBN 0952137119.

 Appendix -A. Quisto -Unique Punch and Judy Entertainer.


Chapter (2) The Foundation for Self Confidence

 Arthur’s school years in Kennington London and his harsh treatment as a child and questions the origins of this approach. Included are some areas of historical and social interest such as Kennington Park London,Lower Marsh and Waterloo Station. Also an account of Arthur’s Saturday jobs as a boy.

 Appendix - Important Aspects of Local History on the route from Southwark to Kennington.

 Chapter (3) The Foundation of Westminster Technical Institute

 Reasons for the founding of Westminster Technical Institute Department of Cookery and Arthur’s training there from 1930-33. His first industrial placement at the Grand Hotel Broadstairs Kent during the Christmas vacation in 1930.Reference sources have included the Westminster Vintage Students’ Association the College Library Archives, plus other sources.  Included are Lyons Popular Café and the Trocadero, the information source drawn from the J. Lyons website.

Appendix 1-(a) Further Background on the Westminster Technical Institute.

                  (b) The 1935 L.C.C. proposal for Westminster as a ‘Model Hotel School’.

 Appendix 2-    Notable points on the history of the Grand Hotel Broadstairs.

 Appendix 3-    Lyons Corner Houses and Teashops.


Chapter (4)     After Westminster -The Route To Paris-and Back

Features events leading to Arthur’s time in Paris at the Carlton Hotel for one year and his meeting with Escoffier. His return and work in London at the Savoy Café Parisienne and at the Ciro’s Club in Orange Street, London WC2.

 Appendix – The Trocadero and the Old Banqueting Book.


Chapter 5  The Road to Aldershot and Afterwards

The Grand Hotel Leicester and the Gargoyle Club Mead Street up to 1939. Then his time at Aldershot with the Army Catering Corps during World War11. A section follows on Wartime rationing and the role of British restaurants.

Appendix 1- A Socio-historical account of the Gargoyle Club.

Appendix 2- Commodities Rationed or Not Rationed During World War 11

Appendix 3- HRH Duchess of Kent Visit to The Army Catering Corps

Appendix 4- Army Catering Corps Fourth Annual Reunion Dinner for Officers

Appendix 5- A.C.C.Trainees Visit to London Airport B.O.A.C Staff Canteen.


Chapter (6) The Evacuation-Brighton, Beare Green and Emerging Centres

 The evacuation of Westminster students to Brighton and Beare Green Surrey. The development of the Hotel Catering and Bakery Department at Brighton with Arthur Simms as first head and the training priorities after 1945. Information has been sought from “One Hundred Years of Higher Education at Brighton” obtained from the East Sussex Records Office and Brighton Technical College Jubilee brochure.

Appendix 1-   Letter Concerning Beare Green CE Central School

Appendix 2-   Beare Green C.E. School Statement of Accounts April 25th 1941.

Appendix 3-   Re-Opening Of Beare Green as a Junior School.

Appendix 4-   Appointment of F/Lt. Waterman as Teacher of Hotel and Restaurant

                       Cookery at Brighton Municipal College.

Appendix 5.1 and 5.2

               Mr. A.E.G. Waterman’s Appointment at Westminster by 1948.

Appendix 6-   Alterations to the College Servery and Kitchen 1945

Appendix 7.1- Arthur’s Temporary and 7.2 Permanent Appointments.

Appendix 8.1- Appointment of Miss J. E. de Ville as Lecturer in Cookery   

Appendix 8.2- Appointment of G. A. Charman as Apprentice Baker.

Appendix 9-    New Oven for the College Bakery.

Chapter 7   History of Guilds

The history of the City and Guilds of London Institute and the establishment of the 150, 151, 152 cookery examinations. Arthur Simms was on the Advisory Committee of the City and Guilds for these examinations.

Appendix-       History of the City and Guilds of London Institute


Chapter  8    The Early Years of the Hotel and Catering Institute (HCI)

                      Known today as The Institute of Hospitality (IH)

The early years of the Hotel and Catering Institute. Arthur Simms was a member of the examination committee for the Intermediate and Final Waiting certificates.

Appendix 1- The First Annual Luncheon of the HCI at the Dorchester

Appendix 2- Some Other Annual Luncheons.


Chapter 9 –The Portsmouth Years. 

Section 1-The Early Portsmouth Years

Section 2-Some Recollections from Students in those Early Years

Section 3-Student Associations

Section 4-Some Early Function and Training Restaurant Menus

Section 5-Arthur Simms Retirement in July 1977

Section 6-The Promotion of International Gastronomy Society (P.I.G.S.)

Section 7-The College Reunions

Contributions have come from former students including Peter Mereweather who obtained prominent positions such as Executive Manager of Grosvenor House, Michael Boella, David Thomas, Roger Norman, Alan Harrison, Judith and Alan Williamson and many other students all of whom are acknowledged.  Some of whom obtained headships at other centres in further and in higher education. Also from former staff and former Polytechnic Principal Dr Davey.

Chapter 10- Hospitality Management in Higher Education Centres

 Hospitality Management in Higher Education and the role of John Fuller–Battersea Polytechnic to the University of Surrey, Scottish Hotel School to the University of Strathclyde. John Fuller’s involvement with countries including Germany, India, Rhodesia, Greece, Cyprus and the United States. The participation of national institutions in other further and higher education departments including Arthur’s priorities and collaboration between Highbury College and Portsmouth Polytechnic, later university.

Appendix 1- Advisory Committee of the City and Guilds of London Institute

Appendix 2- Short Course on the Personnel Function in Hotel and  Restaurant Management

Appendix 3- The Scottish Tourist Board Highland Hotel Conference

Appendix 4- Professor John Fuller on the Scottish University’s BA Degree  in Hotelkeeping.

Appendix 5- Joint Seminar between Cornell University and th University of Strathclyde

Appendix 6- Developments Leading to the Creation of The University of Surrey


Chapter 11-  India

 Arthur’s 1964-66 secondment to the Pusa Institute New Delhi India-The Indo Pakistani War in 1965 Principal, Mr Alok Shivapurt and the former fourth and longest serving Principal, Mr Brij Kishore Khanna. Dr Shyam Patiar’s experiences at Pusa prior to and during Arthur’s time there. Then on Arthur’s return as a student at Highbury to full time lecturer. His transfer to Hollings College Manchester and later headship at Coleg Llandrillo Cymru at Rhos-on-Sea, Colwyn Bay. Shyam Patiar is currently Director of Skills Development there and undertakes consultancy in Italy, Germany Switzerland, India and Pakistan. Some developments at Pusa since1966.

Appendix 1-National Council for Hotel Management and Catering Technology

Appendix 2-Hotel Rajdoot.

Appendix 3-Information currently from the website on the Pusa centre

Appendix 4-A Selection of Pictures from the 2006 ‘Sparkle N Spice’ Magazine


Chapter 12- Association Culinaire Francaise et Le Conseil Culinaire Francaise

Arthur’s membership of the Association Culinaire Francaise and the Conseil Culinaire Francaise. Contributions by Fernand Boulert (President d’Honneur Conseil Culinaire Francaise and of the Association Culinaire Francaise). Also from William Hamelin Current President.

Appendix 1- The 1962 Function at the Dorchester Hotel London

Appendix 2- Past Presidents d’Honneur

Appendix 3- Hotelympia Photo January 1980

Appendix 4- Association Culinaire Francaise De Secours Mutuel

Appendix 5- A Presidential View


Chapter 13- Prior to Retirement and Afterwards

An account of the Chandris Line cruise ships for which Arthur undertook a contract as a catering consultant in the summer of 1975 and 1976. Personal experiences by Arthur’s surviving son John, of his full time job with Chandris up to the military coup in 1980 and the exile of King Contantine II of Greece.

Appendix - A Brief History of Other Chandris Liners

Chapter 14Epilogue- A man alone- A brief account of Arthur’s final years.