From Punch and Judy to Haute Cuisine by Michael Flagg
Review 3 Ronald Kinton Author and Lecturer at Thames Valley University (now West London) and Garnett College (now University of Surrey England)

Review by Ronald Kinton author formerly of Thames Valley University and Garnett College Roehampton England .

 The biographer/ compiler Michael Flagg has achieved his objective, a labour of love,-to record the major contribution Arthur Simms has made to catering education over many years, both its history and place in society.

 The book printed in the USA in 2011 is lavishly illustrated and people oriented which makes it very readable. Some illustrations could have been better sited and some space saved, but this may be due to being published in the USA. Who will be interested in this book? Anyone interested in the hospitality industry and in catering education. Therefore all libraries should have copies and students of catering especially those on management courses, should have an understanding of the past which is the foundation for the future.

 The intriguing and enlightening chapter on Punch and Judy gives an interesting insight into the breadth of the book. It is an introduction to an aspect of entertainment and for some people Arthur Simms will be associated with Punch and Judy as John Major has been associated with gnomes.

 The history of Westminster Technical Institute and its personnel is an accurate description of its development and the state of society and education before, during and after the war. (Pre war the only way for an English boy to get a job in a good kitchen was to go to Westminster. This was because the Chefs de Cuisine were mainly French or Swiss. At that time a boy wishing to become a chef was looked down upon. In the early days teachers came directly from industry and received no teacher training). This chapter will be of particular interest to past students and staff of Westminster Technical Institute.

 The description of pre-war and wartime details, wages, hours of work, women’s place in society is very accurate. Family life, job opportunities, conditions of work and getting into teaching describe society at that time. As early as 1938 Arthur Simms considered going into teaching but found it economically not viable. He was most fortunate to obtain employment in Paris and in first class establishments in London before the war. He gained invaluable experience as an instructor at the Army School of Cookery Aldershot.

 His involvement in the development of courses for the City and Guilds of London and the Hotel and Catering Institute was considerable as was his input into Higher Education, all fully recorded. Of considerable interest are the chapters on his experience in India developing a catering college, especially the success of one of his students and of his work for the Chandris Shipping Line.

 However the major contribution during his life was the development and leadership of the Brighton and Portsmouth Catering Colleges fully described and supported by students in these chapters. He must have derived much satisfaction from the success of so many students and for one student to compile this book in his memory.

 Ronald Kinton is co-author with Victor Ceserani of several leading text books especially the Theory of Catering which runs to 10 editions.

 The Theory of Catering (10th revised edition)
Professor David Foskett, Victor Ceserani and Ronald Kinton
£19.99, Hodder & Stoughton
ISBN 0-340-85041-8

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