From Punch and Judy to Haute Cuisine by Michael Flagg
Photos 6

Figure 1-Ninth Annual Luncheon of the Hotel and Catering Institute at the Dorchester Hotel London with Arthur Simms seated third table up from the front  (By courtesy of the Caterer
 and Hotel Keeper 9th February 1959)


Figure 2-Batersea Polytechnic Library (Displayed here by courtesy of University of Surrey Archives)


Figure 3-HCI Intermediate Waiting Examination
(By kind permission of the Caterer and Hotel Keeper 7th July 1951


Figure 4-From the Caterer and Hotel Keeper 21st July 1951-Pictured from the bottom left are Mr. B. Edwards Secretary of the HCI, Dr.D.West Principal Battersea Polytechnic, Miss Dora Seaton F.H.C.I Head of Hotel and Catering, John Fuller Editor of the HCI Journal later Head of Catering at Battersea and Mr. J. Kinch F.H.C.I. National Caterers Federation


Figure 6-First Batch of Management Diplomates in Academic Dress at the Scottish Hotel School
( By kind permission of the National Guardian 30th December 1961) The Scottish Hotel School was later to become a faculty of the University of Strathclyde and John Fuller seated centre as the first Professor in Hospitality Management.


Figure 5-Louis Darsonval President of the Consiel Culinere Francaise giving the traditional 'a santé du chef' to Chef Edward Reynolds Senior Lecturer in Cookery, also commended for his Salon Culinere Gold Medal Award at Hotelympia in January 1962. (Picture by courtesy of National Guardian April 7th 1962 and Hotel and Restaurant Management (Dublin) May 1962