From Punch and Judy to Haute Cuisine by Michael Flagg
Review 5 by Professor David Foskett MBE CMA Head of University of West London School of Hospitality

From Punch and Judy to Haute Cuisine

A Biography on the Life and Times of Arthur Edwin Simms 1915 to 2003

Compiled by Michael Flagg


The overall book design does not do the content justice especially the cover.

 The book is well written and structured in easy to read style which is both informative and entertaining. This is a must read for all those who are interested in the development of hospitality education and training. The author has clearly articulated the politics, issues and ideology that have driven the development of the education system .

 This is a real gem of a work which really does capture much of the history and decisions that have been taken both for the good and for political reasons. For those who have little or no knowledge of the last 50 years, then this is a must read. For those who are new lecturers in hospitality I recommend this book, it will educate and inform and will clearly answer some of the burning questions of where are we today.

There is much to be learnt from this read, how some of the past needs to be incorporated into the future .For the dedicated hospitality educationalist this is a most suitable book for their collection.


Professor David Foskett MBE CMA